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My moto for Microblading:


Fill in the blanks.

I customize each microblading to my clients individual brow shape, brow bone and direction of hair growth. My style of microblading is to create soft and natural pigment strokes to improve symmetry, fullness and overall shape of your brows.

Am I a good candidate?

You CANNOT get microblading done if you are pregnant/nursing, on a program/regimen of topical Retin A, accutane, have had recent laser, peels or facial skin resurfacing or are on blood thinners. Must be over 18.


Does it hurt?

A 5% lidocaine is applied to the brow area before the service to ease any discomfort. Another layer of a numbing agent is also applied once the skin is broken. The process is generally comfortable and painless.

How do I prep before the service:

24 hours prior, do not consume alcohol, anything asprin related and/or ib profin. These are blood thinners and WILL make you bleed through the process, which deters the results. Also refrain from caffeine and wait to do botox until 2 weeks after the service.

What should I expect during healing?

For the first few days, the brows will be become more dark and prominent. Day 4/5 they will begin to soften and heal into the skin. Towards the end of the healing time, the brow area might get a bit itchy/slightly flakey. With the after care and instructions I send you home with, the healing is actually quite easy. There won't be any scabbing or having to hide from the world for a week. Do plan on keeping the brows out of any condensation and covered from the sun. 

How long does it last?

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup so technically, it is permanent. Although, over time, the strokes can fade in color and some may disappear completely. This is due to skin cell turnover, face manipulation, skin care products, elements etc. A touch up or 'color boost' is recommended once a year to refresh your brows.

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